Avva's Cafe, Bir, Himachal Pradesh

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Cafe Outdoor Seating, Off Road Parking, WiFi

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1 Reviews on “Avva's Cafe, Bir, Himachal Pradesh”

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1 reviews
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  • From 2018 when Avva’s Café in Bir had opened to now, it has come a long way. The menu, seating, staff, and the sheer size of the place have evolved. It is still a very popular café near the landing site, especially for South-Indian food that is not as easily available elsewhere in Bir-Billing.

    What we liked at Avva’s Café in Bir
    • The complementary starter – Black Chana with Rasam. It is very unique and something to look forward to. The best part is that the uplifted version of this café has preserved its taste and the presentation.
    • The café colour scheme of white and beige is quite soothing. Also, with multiple seating options, you can choose the best spot based on the weather and your mood.
    • The menu is very elaborate and authentic. With time, it has also become more innovative. Leveraging the technology, they have done a good job of offering it virtually (and done away with the paper menu booklets). Also, though we have not yet tried, the addition of non-vegetarian while keeping it as a separate eating section seems like a welcome idea.
    • The drinks menu is extensive too, and we enjoyed the Kokam-based soda/ water. Not only was it appealing to the eyes, but it was very refreshing too.

    Things to keep in mind about the Avva’s Café in Bir
    • While we are very happy that this café has grown, the personal touch has gone missing. In the earlier years, the presence of the family member(s) that started the place and their passion added to the overall experience and quality.
    • The taste of Dosa, Chatni, and Sambhar, the very basic menu items was not as good as we remembered. The texture, look as well as the presentation was also not as pleasing. Not only the food was delayed, but it was cold too.
    • The first floor of the café opens only after 1.00 pm (as stated by the manager), and so, even though we were having a tough time finding an indoor seat on the ground floor on that hot sunny day, the manager did not show mercy to send us in the covered first-floor section.
    • The mocktails/ drinks were a bit overpriced and costed almost 45% of our total bill.

    Our verdict
    Honestly, since we slow-travelled Himachal Pradesh for four years and visited it many times in the past, we may be getting nostalgic trying to compare the initial years of Avva’s café with the current status. This café is still very popular with the visitors and the footfall has only increased. If you are traveling to Bir Billing, we would definitely suggest you make a trip here and then decide for yourself what your experience was. And, do come back here as we would love to have you share your review here.

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