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Themed Restaurant Outdoor Seating, Space Conditioning, Off Road Parking

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1 reviews
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  • Golden Hut Restaurant in Kurukshetra looks pretty inviting due to its vibrant colours and huge signage showing the billboards of all the options available in this compact dhaba. It seems to be a preferred choice by travelers on NH1 and although this dhaba requires you to take the exit from the highway, you would possibly have returning patrons here.

    Whether you are in the mood for some snacks and street food or are up for a full meal such as Indian Thali, you would not be disappointed. Also, for beverages, there are many options including the famous Tandoori Chai, coffee from Brew Bean, and milk in kullar (earthen glass).

    Golden Hut would possibly spoil you with dessert choices too, be it Indian desserts such as gulab jamun, kheer in kullar (earthen glass), rasgulla, rasmalai, to ice cream options from Baskin Robbins or Havmor.

    What we like at the Golden Hut, Kurukshetra
    • We love the food variety offered at this dhaba. We have particularly enjoyed North Indian specialties such as dal makhani and palak paneer with assorted rotis and naans. Chinese is prepared well and nicely spiced up. Kullar kheer looked quite unique and is very tasty.
    • In this part of Haryana, the dosa from Dosa Plaza served at this NH1 dhaba is pretty good and possibly one of the places where it has been a repeat order for us.
    • Even though we have typically seen it pretty busy, parking is never an issue.
    • This place has big fans to keep the flies away and has seating in shade. So, you can enjoy sitting and eating outdoors in all weathers.

    What we did not like at the Golden Hut, Kurukshetra
    • The pizza was a bit of a disappointment with less cheese and more mayonnaise.
    • This place is also referred to as Golden Hut Resorts as it offers air-conditioned rooms as well, but the room quality and attitude of the check-in staff were not very comfortable. We would not recommend this place to families as a stay option in Kurukshetra.

    Our Verdict
    If you are on NH1 and are looking for a place where everyone wishes something different to eat and drink, do give a try to Golden Hut, Kurukshetra. It might just be a good idea to plan a lunch or dinner even if you reside in Kurukshetra or nearby cities such as Karnal, Sonipat, or Ambala. Just an additional tip. If you are a local or a frequent visitor, do find out about the special discount card. You might just get lucky!

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