Food Court by Mannat Haveli, Kurukshetra

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Themed Restaurant Outdoor Seating, Off Road Parking, Self-Service

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  • While traveling on NH1 and nearing Kurukshetra, if you are in the mood for some street foods of India or Indian snacks or would just like to satisfy your sweet buds’ cravings, then you could take a pit-stop at the Food Court at Mannat Haveli.

    The menu offers a range of hot and cold beverages to choose from such as tea, coffee, shakes, lassi, and mocktails. For snacking, you could choose anything from India’s street chats such as gol gappe, raj kachori, aloo tikki, etc. to western fast food such as burgers, French fries, or sandwiches, or go for Indian snacks such as pakoda or dosa varieties. For the sweet tooth, there are seasonal and regular options such as jalebis, gulab jamun, kheer, or gajar halwa. A piece of advise – stick to Indian menu items as mostly chefs are locals, and this is what they cook the best.

    The overall ambiance is quite vibrant, especially in the evenings with live programs on some days, local dance performances, occasional events or just enjoying the cool breeze in well-lit settings. The venue is also equipped with an indoor restaurant just in case you want to be in the air conditioning after some time outdoors.

    What we liked at the Food Court at Mannat Haveli, Kurukshetra
    • From the menu, our favorite has been fresh hot jalebi. Crispy and mildly sweet, it is perfectly made. You cannot just get a piece or two but have to order a minimum quantity.
    • If the weather is good, the spacious outdoor seating is truly a welcome experience. The breeze and ambiance are amazing add-ons while enjoying your pakodas and chai.
    • On some evenings, Mannat Haveli Kurkshetra organizes live music programs or events which typically happen on the outdoors. So, it’s a great way to soak in some entertainment while enjoying your snacks.

    What we did not like at the Food Court at Mannat Haveli, Kurukshetra
    • It was hard to distinguish some of the snacks apart. Particularly, the aloo tikki and papdi chaat looked and tasted the same.
    • The flies on the outdoor seating can be a nuisance making you rush the eating and get out as quickly as possible.
    • If it starts to rain, you would have to risk your food and run for shelter. Also, on a hot sunny day, usually not a good idea during daytime as there are no fans or seating in shade.

    Our Verdict
    We would say give a try to the Food Court at Mannat Haveli Kurukshetra. If you do not like what you are eating, you could always pick a seat at the indoor restaurant at Mannat Haveli for a much bigger menu spread, for not only snacks but for proper full meals.

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