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We are Abhijeet and Navita Deshpande. We enjoy slow travel and curating related stories and tips. Scale Indigo is a project to share such experiences and helpful reviews that you can use.

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Places to Sleep

Dharohar Cottages, Himachal Pradesh

Northeast India | A Paradise Unexplored

We are proud to share our travel experiences from India’s northeast. Available as a paperback and as an eBook, this work has been recommended by eminent people from the region.

Consistently rated 4.5+, Backpacking North East India: A Curious Journey, follows the footsteps of two backpackers, as they explore a relatively uncharted territory for over four winter months, and expand their idea of a nation.

How to plan for a trek to the Dzukou Valley in northeast India?

Southeast Asia | The Near Shore

Is it safe to travel in North Vietnam?

Blogs and Reviews

We invite guest contributors to write blogs and review places of traveller’s interest on Scale Indigo (this website).

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Europe and The US | The Far West

What is it like to visit Alaska?

Avoid travel surprises

America Travel Tip No One Talks About

US Travel Tip

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