…’stole my heart’…’ a masterpiece’…

Prithwiraj Purkayastha

Editor, Publisher @ Jajabor

Prithwi, a sociology graduate with a diploma in journalism, has nurtured his passion to write travel columns since early school days. After years in the private sector, he found his dream assignment with Assam Agricultural University and met some amazing people with similar interests. Together, they have have started the first bilingual (Assamese and English) travel print magazine to promote North East India and the hobby of travel, in general. When not at work, he’s is a DXer and philatelist.

…This work is North East India unplugged…

Swati Sinha

Traveler, Blogger, Book Critic

Swati is a full time professional and a passionate travel blogger. She loves traveling, exploring new places and sharing her travel experiences. She lives in Bangalore with her super supportive husband and two adorable kids.

…Everything is narrated so well…

Kima De Mizohican

Blogger, Game Publisher

Writing since 2005, Kima is a popular blogger from Mizoram. He is well traveled and mainly writes about issues from North East India. Other than that, he is a game designer, former Co-Founder & Chief Ninja at FITH Media, foodie, blogaholic, Metal lover, Gooner 4 life, IIMB drop-out, paani puri addict, and a Tattoo fanatic!

…This curious journey will indeed keep you on toes…

Apurva Tupdale

Author, Blogger, Book Critic at Appielicious

Apurva Tupdale, a curious cat, has found solace in the words she reads and writes. Secretary by profession and full-time dreamer, she finds everything in this world fascinating. She also is a noted book reviewer and short story writer on her own blog. Her poem is published by Half Baked Beans in a e-book anthology called “The Poems of Bean Bakers”. She is still a work in progress for achieving her main goal of being a published author.

Backpacking North East India: A Curious Journey

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Northeast India: A Paradise Unexplored

With kind support from !ncredible India, Ministry of Tourism







For various reasons, North East India has remained on the fringes of travel maps. Travelers generally cited a lack of information or credible testimonials. That is set to be a thing of the past. We now have the most comprehensive Northeast India book.

…packs a powerful punch. If you think of travel in this unexplored land, pick up a copy today.

M.C. Mary Kom

Six world boxing titles, Olympic medallist, Asian champion, and recipient of Padma Bhushan award

Backpacking North East India: A Curious Journey follows the footsteps of two backpackers, as they explore relatively uncharted territory for over four winter months, and expand their idea of a nation.

The first of its kind, the book steers its reader on a journey of choicest of experiences, locations, and reflections through all eight states of the region and tries to break a few stereotypes.

It is a complete portal to North East India and might just nudge you to pack your bags!

Readers get useful anecdotal evidence for queries such as ‘is it safe to travel in northeast India?’, ‘how to backpack north east India?’, or simply ‘what is north east India like?’. Pick up your copy today!

….strikes first blood in its league…

Bhaichung Bhutia

International soccer player, recipient of Arjuna and Padma Shri Awards, and politician

Consistently Rated 4.5+/5

First Edition Published: 20 June 2017

ISBN: 9781946556790

Reviewers’ Speak: Apurva Tupdale, Kima De Mizohican, Prithwiraj Purkayastha, and Swati Sinha







Author Signed Paperback

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Abhijeet and Navita Deshpande

Abhijeet Deshpande is an accidental nomad. His stints in corporate and diplomatic organizations have offered him opportunities to immerse himself in various cultures.

Over the past 20 years, the frequency and length of his travel have steadily risen. To keep up, his choices have been changing too—from planned holidays to spontaneous ones, from fixed schedules to flexible ones, and from working full-time assignments to freelancing.

He is married to Navita, an equally zealous traveller. Together, they continue to slow-travel the world and curate long reads on Scale Indigo.

…brisk and colorful, peppered with personal anecdotes…

Sanjoy Hazarika

Director and founder, Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research (C-NES), JMI; innovator of boat clinics in Assam; eminent journalist; independent filmmaker; author of many books including Strangers of the Mist

…Great work and a great book.

L. Sarita Devi

Two-time World title and five-time Asian titles holder in women’s boxing, and recipient of Arjuna Award

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