Cliffy's Cafe, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

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Cafe Outdoor Seating, Space Conditioning, Off Road Parking, WiFi

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1 Reviews on “Cliffy's Cafe, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh”

1 reviews
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  • We had heard about Cliffy’s Café and were keen to experience it for ourselves. The approach is pretty scenic and driving on narrow mountainous roads, it’s not that easy to spot this café as it is made in a compound in an otherwise residential area.

    What we liked at Cliffy’s Café in Palampur

    • The fusion of south Indian items was unique.
    • The décor is done up well and gives a woody feeling.
    • In itself, this café has all the elements that make up a café ambiance such as table chairs as well as floor seating, bean bags, warm glow lighting, a bookshelf, board games, and a guitar.

    What we did not like at Cliffy’s Café in Palampur

    • Parking can be a challenge. There is very limited space outside the café and ensuring your car is parked safely, and not in the way of the by-lanes is your own responsibility.
    • The open area is nicely done up but outdoor seating is very limited. Basically, you sit on a tiny table set up next to a wall.
    • The menu items are limited.
    • The brownie we tried was overly sweet and not very fresh.
    • Though it is said to be a ‘popular’ café, we did not see many people on the few times that we visited here.

    Our verdict
    In our opinion, the Cliffy’s Café is a bit overrated and overpriced. If you wish to experience authentic south Indian food or tasty bakery eateries, then this might not be the best choice.

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