June 16 Café, Bir, Himachal Pradesh

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Cafe Outdoor Seating, WiFi, Self-Service

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1 Reviews on “June 16 Café, Bir, Himachal Pradesh”

1 reviews
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  • June 16 Café, prominently located on the main road leading to the paragliding landing site in Bir, Himachal Pradesh, draws attention with its catchy name and charming story. The inviting décor and setup attract many visitors of Bir-Billing to step in and give it a try. However, our experience here was mixed.

    What we liked at the June 16 Café in Bir
    Coffee and Drinks Menu: Despite its small size, June 16 Café offers an impressive variety of coffee and drinks. The hot coffee, in particular, stood out as a highlight.
    Location: The café is conveniently situated, not too far from the action but still offering a bit of seclusion. While they lack dedicated parking, there is ample space nearby to park your vehicle.
    Egg Breakfast: The egg breakfast was well-prepared and satisfying.

    Things to keep in mind about the June 16 Café in Bir
    Seating Options: The outdoor seating is cramped, indoor seating is limited, and the first-floor addition is inconvenient to access. This results in limited seating overall, leading to potential wait times or the need to skip the café altogether.
    Service: The café’s note at the reception stating, “Don’t rush, you are on a holiday,” feels like a cover-up for the poor service. Additionally, being seated on the first floor leaves you completely cut off from the café’s main area, further diminishing the experience.
    Pricing: June 16 Café is overpriced compared to other cafés in the area, with smaller portions that don’t justify the cost.
    Impersonal Atmosphere: Despite its small size, the café feels impersonal, and unlike many other cafés in Bir, the founders here do not prefer to engage much.

    Our Verdict
    June 16 Café is a prominent yet overrated spot. It is somewhat hyped and can be easily avoided when visiting Bir-Billing. There are plenty of friendlier options offering better food, quality, and prices. However, if you do visit June 16 Café, we’d love to hear about your experience. Share your review with us!

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