Abhijeet Deshpande is an accidental nomad. Over time, the frequency and length of his travel has steadily risen. To keep up, his choices have been changing too—from planned holidays to spontaneous ones, from fixed schedules to flexible ones, and from working full-time assignments to freelancing.
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What is North East India Like?

✓ Wondering what is North East India Like? Explore these least explored eight states of India while the bulk of explorers are looking elsewhere!

8 Compelling Reasons to Visit North East India

✓ Wondering why you must visit India's 8 northeastern states? Here are 8 compelling reasons to visit North East India – sooner than later.

North East India is Safer Than You Think

✓ Is it safe to travel in North East India? The question may bother those planning a vacation here. The short answer: North East India...

How to Backpack North East India?

✓ Visiting Northeast India? Find out about travel permits, guest houses, local transport, food, and more. Find out how to backpack north east India.

10 Mistakes to Avoid in North East India

✓ The last thing you want from your travels is an awkward memory that haunts you. Here's a list of ten mistakes to avoid in...

Travel Permits to North East India

✓ Did you know that only 2-3 out of 8 states in the region mandate travel permits? Read on to find out how you can...

Backpacking North East India: A Curious Journey

✓ Follow the footsteps of two backpackers, as they explore a relatively uncharted territory for over four winter months, and expand their idea of a...

Backpacker’s Guide to Hà Nội, Viet Nam

✓ Plan a weekend to explore the natural and historical heritage of Red River Delta. Explore the essentials with this backpacker’s guide to Hà Nội,...

Backpacker’s Guide to Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam

✓ Of junk boats in south China sea, towering limestone karsts, and squid fishing. Bookmark this backpacker’s guide to Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam!

Backpacker’s Guide to Sa Pa, Viet Nam

✓ Experience Vietnam’s diversity with its hill communities, terraced slopes, and the roof of Indochina. Get this backpacker's guide to Sa Pa, Viet Nam!
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